And Then There Was a Shark

I’m all for full disclosure around here, and to be fully honest: I don’t feel top-notch this morning. Last night I went to the 100th Guerrilla Cuisine Dinner, held at Westbrook Brewing Co with food from the soon-to-be-open Craftsmen Kitchen & Tap House. It was delicious, I tell you, but by the time the night was done I had had samples of perhaps 7 different beers, paired with 6 varying courses. That’s a lot to throw all together in the stomach. Never mind the fact that it was close to 85(hundred) degrees in the brewery.

So, to say I am on my best game this morning would not be an accurate description.

But, I am in the mood to pass along this video. I saw it on Friday and it had 200,000 views. This morning it has over 8 million. One could say it’s making the rounds.

This took place not too far from here, only a couple hours up the road near Myrtle Beach. Makes me really excited to get in the water. Hopefully the surprise element will help me wake up and get focused.

Hopefully you watch long enough to hear the woman’s reaction. If you don’t, you aren’t doing it right.



Here’s to Monday!

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