The Brass Menagerie





Pedro the Donkey is the latest addition to to my small animal figurine collections (he is also the only one with a name, so if you have any ideas I’m open to suggestions [keep in mind I also have a pet volcanic rock from Thailand called Toby]). My flock of miniature honey-hued creatures began in earnest last summer during a visit to a particularly  fruitful visit to one of Kansas City’s massive flea markets. The elephant, it can be said, was my gateway drug. Now I have a petting zoo. I didn’t even include the inquisitive owl who lives at Adam’s, which I picked up at a Charleston antique market. Just trying to keep up some semblance of normality.


Adam actually got me Pedro–he recently arrived from the magical land of Wisconsin by way of Etsy. And I love him. Looks like this obsession interest isn’t waning away any time soon.



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