Brain Break

I am “literature-ally” overwhelmed right meow. Just have one or two things on my plate, but all things considered, I’m doing well. Turned in my first paper yesterday and gave my first presentation of the year and we are moving right along.

I do need the odd brain break every now and again, because it can’t just be Song of Solomon all the time. Or maybe it can, but I hope it’s not because I need to laugh sometimes too. And not just at other people’s pain or misfortune.
::throat clearing::

Obviously I have been spending a lot of time reading and writing alone since even electronic conversations are stilted and difficult for me to carry on right

now. That said, I want to pass along this monstrously funny article from The New Yorker that Mindy Kaling wrote forever ago (or really only a year ago). A similar essay appeared in her memoir, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, that I tried to convince you all to read a while ago. Here is another push for that plea, and this time I’m even including a little literary snack to entice you: “‘Flick Chicks'”: A Guide to Women in the Movies.


Ohhh, it’s funny. So good for the mind when it is weary.




image via A Cup of Jo

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