I am Here

Barely.   Dramatic, I know.


I also wish Atticus would hold me.


I feel a bit like I’m stumbling around–I’m definitely disoriented. For the last several days I have been house-sitting, dog-sitting, and “babysitting” a 16 year old. I have been eating weird frozen meals, picking up dog poop (both in the park and on the Oriental rug), and listening to rap music on the radio, WHICH I HATE.  I hate the radio. I hate it so much.


I feel scatter-brained, mostly because I am off my schedule. I’m like a baby in that I really need a schedule to be high-functioning. It’s needy and slightly neurotic, but it doesn’t make it any less true. This all just serves to excuse my blog abandonment. I want so badly to have meaningful things to say, but I’m too busy blaming the teenager I’m living with right now for giving me a massive zit on my chin. Being a high schooler is the pits. Hrumpf!


Alas, I am here. Doin’ my thang, making it happen. Obscure reference, obscure reference. See you soon.


image via lrendon.tumblr.com

3 thoughts on “I am Here

  1. It’s natural to hate Rap music. And zits. And probably teenagers. My suggestion, as a father of four (including a 17-year-old) is to make these threats in the following order: 1) I will hide your face cream, 2) dress like you when your friends come over, and 3) play country music really loud after you go to bed. This has worked wonders for me. Good luck 🙂

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