Yes, Captain

This past weekend Adam’s family was in town and I cannot think of a better Saturday afternoon than the one we spent together sailing through the Charleston Harbor. After spending 8 days house-sitting with a reckless teenager—days that included catching her sneaking out at night, smelling her smoking “the herb” in her room, and finding her pants-less with her beaufriend—I needed a wee bit of a break from the universe.

This was it.

Low 80s and sunny, perfect breeze for sailing and plenty of champagne and snacks. Living. the. dream.

Here are a few photos taken by Adam’s sister. Hope to share more with you soon!






6 thoughts on “Yes, Captain

  1. Hi. Long time no talk/post/stalk… I need to know where you got that amazing necklace! Could you possibly do an “outfit-of-the-day” breakdown? Thank you in advance 🙂 Sincerely, PW

    • Hey! I love it. The necklace is from my dance studio–all the graduating seniors got one. The tank is literally 6 years old from Banana Republic and the jorts are Gap from earlier this spring.

      I hope you are doing well and doing amazing things in Taiwan. Miss you PW!

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