Music Monday

Do we love the idea of having a regular post on Mondays that’s all about music? I do too! But, the chances of that happening on the regular are regretfully slim, so let’s be thankful that it happened today, and if it happens again next week it will be ah-mazing.

Saturday night Adam and I saw Andrew Bird. In concert, not like out at a bar, which would have been righteous. But, to be honest, seeing him in concert was just as big of a thrill. He was incredible! Talk about talent. That man is always, always three or four steps ahead of everyone. It might be unfair, but I’m thinking we should use Mr. Bird as a kind of standard to which we hold all other musicians. As in, you must be at least *this* talented to play in front of people. Or on the radio. Or on TV. Or anywhere.

The way he manipulates the violin alone is astounding. Never mind the fact that he whistles as clearly as, well I don’t know, what’s the strongest whistle you’ve ever heard? Andrew Bird, you say? Well, then we are in a predicament… It doesn’t matter—it’s just so good and we can’t put it any more eloquent than that right now, because we simply can’t. The music speaks for itself. Literally. And in this case, figuratively, because I’m obviously not doing a real super job of conveying just how majestic the man is live. A musical snack for you:

–not really my favorite video, but couldn’t find a decent live edition…



But, before we could get to Sir Bird we were entertained by the hip young indie rockers, Here We Go Magic. We had never heard of these dudes before, but were pleasantly surprised to find how much we liked them. Just all around super easy to listen to. Very approachable. Very friendly. Or at least I assume so based on the 2.5 minutes we spoke with them after the show whilst buying their CD. (Yeah, I bought a CD. Isn’t that kinda weird at this point?) In any event, here are a couple tunes to ease your way through the rest of this Monday afternoon. What do you think??


–The videos are a little kooky, but we love them because of that, not in spite of.


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