Next weekend my younger sister Courtney and her fabulous fiance Jared will finally wed. I cannot tell you how excited I am for these nuptials. There’s a chance I am just as excited as Courtney and Jared are, but that’s probably not true. Their excitement level has to be through the roof!

Matt, my brother, aka Brother Starship Commander, recently shared this amazing collection of 24 Grooms Blown Away by Their Beautiful Brides. I think we all know I have a love for BuzzFeed assemblages, and this list of totally stunned grooms is no exception. I get extraordinarily emotional at weddings so it’s refreshing to see a whole list of moony and weepy men.

I think my favorites are # 3, 5, 6, 17, 20, 24. OK, that’s a lot. But, like I said, I love love. And I love seeing people in love. Gah! I cannot wait for this wedding!!


Which are your favorites??


(image 1: BuzzFeed via joielala.com; image 2: BuzzFeed via jennydemarco.com)


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