I’m doing battle with school this week. Nothing is new. I would say we are certainly in the final quarter of the game. Not quite the two-minute warning. Certainly can’t hear the buzzer ringing. OK, better stop with the sports analogies before I sprain something. (By the way, did you see this?)

I do have a song for you though. Apparently this song is connected with the show The Walking Dead? Can anyone confirm this? I don’t watch shows that make me want to pee my pants in fright (well, sometimes Breaking Bad makes me super angsty), so I cannot say. I heard it from one of Jack’s Ultimate Playlists and hadn’t listened to it in forever until yesterday. I forgot how stinkin’ cool it is. It’s a jam that you just want to turn up and maybe rock your head around to. Definitely suggest it when you are feeling moody and broody.


Adam and I are celebrating our birthdays this weekend. Mine is on Thanksgiving this year and Mr. Adam’s is next Saturday. We have plans for a romantical dinner at Fulton Five, a charming Italian restaurant that has been named the “Most Romantic Restaurant in Charleston” for, like, the last 15 years. Should be snazzy.


What are you doing this weekend? Anything magnificent?



By the way, I have some seriously thrilling news I CANNOT WAIT to share with you on Monday. I mean, just get ready for this.


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