Conner and Mason eating Thanksgiving Dinner. Nom!


A yawning baby? mmyes please.


Baby Avery. Can you even handle this hand-on-chin action? Me neither. Currently losing my mind over how adorable this beauty is.


The new dad Matt, my dad aka Pop Pop, and Mason and Conner. What lucky babes.


Skeptical Baby: “Excuse me, did anyone even ask if I was ready to go home??”

Well if the photographic montage is evidence enough of their majesty then I don’t know what will please you. They are so tiny and magical and wonderful and I love them. Like, to pieces. As if I weren’t hurting enough being so far away from my closest family and friends, the arrival of these little gems has twisted the knife just a little more.

Matt and Courtney are already doing such a great job as parents. I was so impressed by the way they picked up moves so quickly and learned so much about their precious babes. They are going to be stellar parentals. But, there is no one quite like Aunt Teeny ; )

3 thoughts on “Babes

  1. I just caught up on your blog and can’t STAND these baby pics. Seriously beyond in the adorable department. I hope to meet them someday!

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