Rain Check


::tap tap:: Is this thing on?


I could spend a lot of lines telling you how sorry I am for my extended creative absence from the blog, but that takes time and imagination that I frankly don’t possess right now. I handed in my last paper on Monday and heaved a massive sigh before I picked up my study materials for finals, which start tomorrow. It’s just one thing right after the other and I’m getting the major sads thinking about how much time I am spending indoors when it’s December and in the 70s outside. Last Friday I finally dragged myself outside when I caught myself singing to myself for the umpteenth time whilst shuffling around my apartment in full Aristocat pajamas and a massive fluffy robe that makes me look more husky than anything. It was 2:30 pm and I was getting my vampire on (as in avoiding sunlight, not drinking blood). I needed help in the form of sunshine. Trust me, a greasy haired, pajama-clad twenty something singing, “You are such a good academic writer, how about you write just twelve more pages and caalllll iiiitttt quuuiiiiitttsss” is not pretty. Trust. Me.

See how I just contradicted myself with the long description as to why I have no time to blog? Niiiiiiice. In any event, I did want to let y’all know that I was still here and thinking about blogging some day again. One week from today I will be free! I plan on sleeping for the entire day on Thursday, December 13th so if you want to get in touch check in on the 14th probably.

I will leave you with a true treasure and that is this baby with sunglasses on. I am pretty sure one of my favorite thing of all the times is children wearing glasses. Oh wait, I take that back because I also really love seeing kids hold hands. I think it’s precious. Recently, Adam said that if I saw two kids holding hands and wearing glasses that my head would explode. Methinks you are right, astute sir. That certainly would be magnificent.


Hey Baby

Ahem, it’s called attitude, people.


image via http://emikoconsulting.com/about/



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