Contrary to what several of my posts may suggest (not even counting the fact that I own full Aristocat pajamas), I am not really a cat person. I had a dog growing up and was never fond of the slightly surly feline. I just think dogs are cooler and cats are moodier (gross generalizations, I know). I used to kind of hate cats, but now I think it’s more general distaste, bordering on apathy I feel. But, I still think most memes with cats are quite funny and videos starring the furry friend are often delightful. See Exhibit A, below.


It’s more or less adorable. I love the tiny paw hovering over his arm. I imagine the cat’s internal dialogue going something like, “Umm, if I could just…well, hi, hello…it’s just that…you see…I could use a little attention…maybe?…someday?” Quite the ellipses abuse, I know. But, still, seems so real, right?

Anyway, thought it was worthy of sharing this fine afternoon. Hope your weekend is marvelous!

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