Jill and I love the emoticon. In our own way we are trying to slowly pry it out of the sweaty grips of teenage girls and insecure boys and return it to the rightful hands of the everyman. Actually, that would be way more believable if the text message conversations between Jill and I didn’t resemble exactly that of a hopped-up teenager experiencing every feeling at the same time. Unfortunately, we are still learning to use emoticons responsibly. Texting as well for that matter. Methinks that texting every line we deem HI-larious from the show Happy Endings in “real time” isn’t the best use of data. But, whatevs.

In the spirit of over-using emoticons, I share with you this condensed version of the film Les Misérables. I saw it on a rainy Sunday afternoon, along with the rest of Charleston. It was beautiful and moving and long, but this little summary describes it in a way I never could with words. See below.



Pretty accurate summation I would say.

image via tastefully offensive

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