Braised Beef












Monday was project day. I saw two recipes that I really wanted to try and decided the day off would be a perfect time to test them out. In the February/March issue of The Local Palate you will find not only two pieces (book reviews) written by yours truly, but also a culinary brush-up featuring the perfect technique for braising beef. This was recipe numero uno. The second belongs to the Smitten Kitchen cookbook, of which I am not an owner. She graciously reprinted it on the blog for those of us who have yet to buy the beautiful book. Gnocchi happens to stand in the long line of foods that are my absolute favorite to eat (the Italian dumpling rubs elbows with its diiiistant cousin, pizza, as well as other fan faves like macaroni and cheese and Cooler Ranch Doritos–wait, what?). Ms Smitten Kitchen promised that this recipe was no-fail and actually super easy, producing scrumptious pillow-like gnocchi. I am telling you my turned out great–great like mashed potatoes. I kid you not, they tasted nothing like gnocchi and everything like awesome mashed potatoes. I mixed them with a snappy pesto-ricotta sauce, which was great, but alas, these dumplings had the consistency of a Thanksgiving side dish. Le sigh. Ah well, that’s the fun of cooking: try, try again. Good thing they’re so cheap to make…


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