Well, Hello


I cannot tell you how nice it was not to blog for the last month. For a while it felt like such a burden to come up with something, even just a song to share, and I hated that this felt like more of a responsibility than a joy.

I hate that I even let it come to that.

This last Saturday I took my Masters comprehensive exam and it completely rocked me world. It was hard. Like really hard. Preparing for it over the last 10 weeks or so left me drained in a way that didn’t allow for more creative outlet. Hence my prolonged absence. I will find out the results of the test in a week or so but I am more than happy to have it off my mind. Yesterday (Easter!) was the first full day without schoolwork in many weeks and I was so grateful for the brain break. How was your Easter Sunday?

I want to be back here. I think. As of today I have exactly four more weeks of school and educational accomplishments to attack. There’s plenty of work to do (seminar papers, a final, the second half of Ulysses…), but it feels good to know the end is near. That said, this morning I woke up and thought, I am ready to start blogging again. I think. That was until I saw yet another gigantic monster mutant cockroach lying dead on my kitchen floor and I couldn’t stop itching for the next thirty minutes. Cucarachas aside, blogging feels good.

Can you tell I am interested in doing things that make me feel good? I guess I’m so burnt out on school and reading and writing papers that seem to have no relevance any more except for people who want to teach kids who don’t even want to learn about it. Need to know how Sir Gawain and the Green Knight proposes that the chivalric codes and ideals are no longer apropos in the fallen world of Camelot, or the 14th century for that matter? I’m your girl.

This is all to say that I anticipate being around more. See you soon,

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