Adam and I are slowly adjusting to our new temporary neighborhood. Located on the other side of town in relation to our first pad, this new tiny tenement is certainly cozy.* Last night as Adam and I were reading in the shared garden we heard the sounds of clinking plates, running water, and murmured voices as meals were coming to a close. While we know absolutely no one around us it made me feel slightly less lonely. The open windows have a way of creating a shared space, especially during meal times. It’s comforting to sense there are so many people around despite our distinct lack of intimate knowledge of them. I continue to long for a place of our own, however. With more apartment viewings this week I look forward to coming even closer to find a new flat!


It’s so nice to be able to cook our own meals in the evening. With the cost of dining out hovering somewhere near insane it’s been a huge benefit to have our own kitchen. On the menu? Endless amounts of cheese and bread, Swiss beer, and salad. Lots of fresh salad.



*To be fair these pictures were taken at our last place, but I haven’t busted out the camera since our transition. Plus, taking pictures of food still makes me weary and I’m reluctant to snap more. Tonight’s menu consists of lamb, spaetzli, and more salad, so maybe then…

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