Saturday Snaps

Phew! Big week around here. Adam went out of town and I basically knocked on people’s doors all week asking if they were moving and if I could look at/rent their apartment. Well, something like that. Apartment hunting is madness, especially when you’re on a tight schedule and would like to move in somewhere in two weeks. I’m pretty sure the Swiss Rental gods are like, MUAHAHAHA.

Saturday, however, was far less stressful. We strolled through the old town and stopped to buy some old books with quirky covers. Then we visited this insane little catch-all store and picked through taxidermy, old lamps, posters, knick-knacks, and reptiles preserved in jars. Adam bought a metal globe of the moon and a wine bottle opener. This store is his jam. We ate a late lunch by the river and ended the day reading in the park. It’s only Thursday, but I’m already to do this Saturday again.










IMG_0256^^talk to the hand, etc.


IMG_0270^^man and the moon


IMG_0294^^my dad asked for more pictures of us, not just “flowers and stuff.” here you go!


IMG_0299^^mmm, yeah, you needed a close up of that one

Coming shortly is an update on what I’m reading. I’m almost finished with my third book in as many weeks and I’d love to start sharing my reading list with you all! Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “Saturday Snaps

  1. 1. Adam wears a ring?! I mean I guess he should as you are married but I was still pretty ZOMG when I saw it.
    2. Are you wearing lipstick? Tres chic. I’m trying to get in that game but I just feel silly.
    3. Was that an animal (honey badger?) coming OUT of the deer in that taxidermy store? ZOMGx2.

    • 1. YES! We got it sort of on a whim while we were back in KC. We thought we would wait until next year, but I was tired of all the hunnies hitting on him.
      2. YES! It’s Maybelline Colorsensation in Red Revolution #630 and I really like it. (Note: I usually put it on and wipe half of it off so it looks more like a stain). Also, I’m really loving Bobbi Brown Tiger Lily for a more subtle peach-y look. Try it!
      3. No. It was just many layers of taxidermy stacked one in front of the other. In the back were reptiles and other critters in saline solutions that totally freaked me out. There was even a human baby one that I am PRAYING was just a replica.

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