Incredibly Still


I cannot stop listening to this song. It’s not necessarily a Friday kind of song, more appropriate for going on a walk or your commute perhaps, but I’m going to share it today nonetheless. It comes courtesy of Jack, inspirer of all things music. He’s been graciously passing down his Ultimate Playlists for the last couple years and the latest might be my favorite? Not sure, because I don’t want to pass judgment, but let’s just say this playlist is killing it right now. The neighbors are probably annoyed.

Ironically, the last thing Adam and I will be doing this weekend is staying incredibly still. We are going to a Wes Anderson film fest tonight because it turns out that the Swiss are just as obsessed with him as we are. The feature film for tonight is The Royal Tenenbaums,Β which is, in my opinion, one of his best. Can’t I get an Amen for the tracksuits?!

Tomorrow we head to IKEA for a major planning sesh. Some friends here recommended a trial run out there so we don’t feel overwhelmed trying to buy everything in one day. Smart people, they are. The temporary place we are in right now looks exactly like the IKEA showroom floor, and while that’s not really the mood I’m after in our future apartment, I know we will be buying a lot there. I’d like to go prepared, armed with a list of supplies.

Sunday is for bike riding! Well, bike buying actually. There’s a second-hand bike sale going on at a park near our place so we hope to hurry over there early in the morning and get our paws on a couple bikes. Bern is pretty hilly so biking around may pose a challenge (cut to our quads basically Hulk-ing out of our jeans), but we think bikes are a must around here. Hopefully we get some sweet rides!

Exciting weekend around here. What are you up to?


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