Notes from Zurich

Adam and I are in Berlin this week! He is here for work and I am here for pleasure. We’ll only get to hang out in the evenings of course, but I am looking forward to being a tourist in another place besides my new home city.

Below are a few pictures from our engagement trip to Zurich. Since I conveniently stopped blogging for about four months I never shared them. It was a pretty magical week. It’s funny because it feels like we never really had a typical engagement. The day after we got engaged we met up with Adam’s old boss and that’s when he proposed the idea that Adam come work for Ebay. From there our engagement edged toward the back of our minds as we considered a trans-Atlantic move and the implications of such. Then, our lives became less about thinking of an engagement and more about planning an mini-wedding in two weeks. But, the week we spent in Zurich, one of my favorite cities on the planet, still remains one of the best.



^^immediately after getting engaged–on the bench behind us, in fact. this was taken by a real curmudgeon who was in no way pleased to be snapping our photo



^^betrothed bliss. ditto below.





^^we are the kind of people who take pictures of ourselves in museums. take note.






^^the. best. coffee. (la stanza)









^^this is pretty much what cooking looks like around these parts. hair on top of the head, jammy shorts, crazy socks.



^^right after his first interview. probably thinking, should we move here??









^^lots of good beer. lots.






^^flea market where we picked up a couple of pieces








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