Moving In






Tomorrow Adam and I move into our new apartment. Our permanent apartment. Despite the choice words I was muttering under my breath in IKEA on Saturday (and Monday…) I am so insanely, ridiculously excited to settle down. Usually those two words inspire a shiver of discomfort in a mid-twenties girl, but this one could not be more thrilled.

I have been living out of suitcases/boxes/weekender bags since the end of May so the reality of unpacking and putting clothing in a wardrobe and pictures on the walls, making a space mine, is impossibly pleasing to me.

Tomorrow, along with our two bodies and ten suitcases, over 200 items from IKEA will move into the apartment. That is an astounding number, I know, but when you are starting from scratch with nothing more than four stemless wine glasses and a meat thermometer it just makes sense to do as the masses do and buy cheap.

The above bedding may be one of the pieces I’m most excited about, mostly because it’s just so dang comfortable. Come tomorrow as I try to refrain from building forts with the three thousand cardboard boxes, or more likely, curling up in one to silently weep, I hope to keep the serenity and peacefulness of the above images in the forefront of my mind. As stressful as moving can be we are approaching the warm blissful glow at the end of the immigration tunnel.

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