Welcome, Friday


This week has been a bit of a mess for me emotionally. I’ve been riding a pretty constant low in terms of homesickness and longing after quality time with friends and family. The above photo reminds me how much I’d like to be back in Charleston on the beach and only serves to mock the nearly endless rain we’ve enjoyed for the last week (finally, today there is sun!). In contrast, I’ve also had some really good moments as well including coffee dates and meetings with new clubs that I’d like to join. I ventured to a contemporary issues group today in which the main topic was chemical weapons and the misconstruing of war rules and to say I was a bit of a fish out of water is a delightful understatement. But, these are natural parts of moving to a foreign country and finding unique ways to build a community.

To change gears, I’d like to start a new series on the blog wherein I share some of my favorite links. Some of my favorite blogs do this, such as A Cup of Jo, Hither and Thither, and Cupcakes and Cashmere, and it seems like a great way to get some conversation going, or at least divulge some of the whimsies on the web that have kept me occupied during the week. It would be really fancy if I did this every Friday, but we’ll see if that happens. Here’s hoping! And, to wishing you a very happy weekend : )


Read this article a few weeks ago and found it to be helpful for my enlightening meeting this morning.

This blog post made me laugh to the point of tears. My sister Courtney sent it to me this week and I ended up reading it out loud, almost in its entirety, to Adam through suffocating bursts of laughter. Enjoy.

I just finished The Orchardist and can highly recommend it. It has been advertised as historical fiction but I’m not sure I would classify it as such because the emotions and hardships feel timeless. Just started this and am already really into it. Any other suggestions?

I made this as a quick Sunday dinner in between Skype dates with our parents and it was delicious and perfect comfort food. I added paprika and substituted beef broth for water, but otherwise can recommend it fully!

Thinking about buying a set of these to add to the home bar. Borders on the right side of kitsch and think they would make a fun and colorful addition.

This DIY looks like something I could actually accomplish. We are going to two flea markets this weekend and we’ll see if I find any treasures that will make for a good project.

Just bought this sweater last week and am obsessed. Might be the most comfortable thing I own, which is saying something given my extensive jammie collection from grad school. Have my eye on this dress, for obvious reasons.

Spent twenty minutes trying to accomplish this hair-do. Of course, with my massive mane it looked nothing like this but instead transformed into a fun little knot at the nape of my neck.

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