Sunday Snaps

A couple Sundays ago Adam and I hiked up the local mountain. It’s more correctly identified as a giant hill, but the Bernese are fiercely proud of their little bergli and who am I to take that away?

This is the third time I’ve walked up the Gurten and only the first time I brought my camera. The Alps were out in all their glory but the stubborn haze simply wouldn’t burn away during our stay at the top. Usually you can catch it dissipating by late afternoon but I like to be enjoying my post-workout (using the term very liberally here) beer by that time.

















^^ imagine casually walking down this little path and being confronted by a Highland Cow who is very displeased about being lost and even more disconcerted about the young lady in the middle of the path I AM NOW GOING TO RUN DOWN!!! that happened to me last time I was here.



^^ this cow stared at me the whole time I was taking his picture. I found out it was because there was a far more interesting dog behind me.


^^ I regret not taking a video here because the symphony of their cowbells was truly magical. you know you’re in Switzerland when your hikes are accompanied by such an authentic soundtrack.





^^this sweet babe couldn’t keep his eyes open. I briefly entertained bringing him home or at least trying to spoon him.



^^ can you see them way in the background??


^^ a little better.



^^ I’d like to know who is ordering #36 at the top of a mountain.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Snaps

  1. What better place to find out about a sweet little bundle of joy than the top of the alps. And those are some great pics, what a beautiful place to live, for a little while anyway. 🙂

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