Introducing: Koromiko

Koromiko Furoshiki

With a tagline that reads “handmade design for home and life” you might wonder how this small company can survive in today’s microproduced-obsessed market culture. Etsy is flourishing, Brooklyn and every artist there is killing it (and taking a hipster beating while they’re at it), and it seems everyone wants a one-of-kind if only to say this one, no really, this one is one of a kind.

But Koromiko, to me, feels different. Their prices fall in a comfortable moderate range and nearly all the products look approachable, beautiful, and functional. I first heard about them through sfgirlbybay and have been looking at the collection ever since. As I mentioned last week, we are on the cusp of holiday shopping and I can already think of a few gifts from their site that my loved ones would enjoy. Also, let’s be clear, my birthday is in just over a month and I kind of need the above scarf to be mine.


Koromiko napkin

Koromiko Cosmetic Bag


Koromiko curates a specialized collection of treasures to “support and promote independent designers producing handmade, authentically sustainable, craft + design objects.” Their environmental consciousness is rivaled by their commitment to give 5% of proceeds to a program that supports art in the community. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company ships across the country and to many international destinations.

When I think about decorating our apartment I desire handcrafted, special pieces like these to help it not look so brand new and soulless. So many of the items in the collection add personality and whimsy, two things all this Ikea furniture could use to soften up.


Koromiko Tall Jar

Koromiko Vase

Koromiko s+p dish

So, see something you like?

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