You Are My Friend, Friday*



While doing a little work on the couch yesterday I was surprised by the door buzzer. I found the UPS man shivering in the rain eagerly waiting for me to relieve his 70-pound burden: my boxes from the States had arrived!! In them there were a few heavy items like ski gear, winter boots and coats, and last minute items I forgot to shove in my suitcase, but also gems upon gems like magazines, tongs (which, weirdly, I can’t find anywhere around here), a super awesome dress from Madewell (size down, fyi), and more. My parents and in-laws, I tell you, are the finest.

When I’m not prancing about in my new coat and hat and boots (have you gathered I’m trying my best to prepare for winter?) I’ll be enjoying the spoils from home. I’ve been informed that a box of food products is on its way over and I can almost smell the Trader Joe’s Sunflower Butter from here. If you need my address to send me similar treasures do let me know : )


Otherwise, here are a few links that caught my eye this week:

Continuing with the we-only-eat-things-that-have-been-blended trend, last night’s soup was excellent. Don’t forget the lemon crème fraîche on top–it really makes the dish.

I’ll be combating winter blues with ways to make myself happier. I know from my last stint here, seasonal depression is real!

This article gave me the major sads. And I actually read it on Monday morning right before I was going to start cleaning the apartment and I was looking like my best Sporty Spice. Advertising to women when they feel their worst feels like the grossest sucker punch. Ever.

You go, girl!

The government shutdown is no joke, but Buzzfeed still finds a way to inject much-needed humor into this embarrassing debacle.

We watched Zoolander a couple weeks ago and I have to say I’m tickled to think Derelicte may soon come to fruition.

I recently picked up Stories II by T.C. Boyle despite never having read anything of his before. It’s a magnificently large collection, one I hope to plod through slowly over time. I have the British version, but the American cover is simply to die.

I really love this photo. In fact, the whole site has beautiful, original artwork from emerging artists.

Too true.

Our apartment is filling up with more treasures that add a little personality (despite not being ours in the first place–thank you second-hand shops!). Slowly but surely we are making progress.

To boot, here are some great lighting options. Sweet find, Adam!

Stockholm is on my list of cities to visit while we’re living here. This guide looks so awesome.


*Courtney, Jill did I get you guys singing the song?! If not, surely now I did. You’re welcome. 

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