It’s About Time, Friday


I had to buy pencils this week because my German notebook is atrocious. I hate writing in pencil and if I had it my way every correspondence would be handled in blue pen, but Deutsch lernen is taking chicken scratch to a new level. This class/language is seriously tough. I’m having a hard time keeping up with all the new material and my three year hiatus from class is not helping anyone. But, I have all the time in the world right now to work on it so I think I will just do some self-teaching on the side.

I also have plenty of time to cruise the nets. Here are a few things that have struck me lately:


Adam and I are going to Paris in a few weeks to celebrate our birthdays. This two-part travelogue (1 and 2) has been so helpful and inspiring. While we won’t have a toddler with us their walking tour and restaurant choices look top. This insanely comprehensive guide is an amazing resource as well.

Halloween isn’t a big deal over here so yesterday I honored the day by wearing a dress with a small bit of orange. If we had been in the States, however, I would have really pressed for this couples’ costume.

Speaking of, this ad made me laugh. “I threw up.” “You threw up. Ok.”

I feel like I could really use this top. Tops are my weakness.

One of my birthday gifts to myself.

Dinner last night. I completely eschewed the vegan part by adding butter and pork sausage instead of tofurkey (woof). muahahaha

I finished this book last week and really enjoyed it. It’s written in first-person plural, giving you the sense of really belonging to the characters and their feelings. Witty, funny, and depressingly real. Highly recommend. Yesterday I started this one and, dang!, it starts out with a real bang.

Insane! #1, #8, and #9 are my favorites.

I love the Sharon Montrose print in this living room. The styling is perfect.

A groovy new-to-me tune.


Adam and I have a couple of day trips this weekend so hopefully the weather holds up. What are you up to?

2 thoughts on “It’s About Time, Friday

  1. Dave and I are going to Emporia to have dinner prepared by Joe & Susan (your mom and dad-in laws). Joe has kindly offered me a dinner for my birthday. Our weather here is really beautiful off and on (true to fall). My grandsons play their last scheduled football game tonight and they have improved throughout the year, so I’m hoping they can end with a win. Then one of my favorite sports come along, and neither of my grandsons are interested in the wonderful game of basketball. My granddaughter played volleyball and her team finished 1st in the league, but sadly only got 2nd in the league tournament, but they all had fun. Hope you and Adam have great birthdays, and enjoy Paris it is truly a neat city. Have fun! I really enjoy your writings and love seeing all the pictures.

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