Today, despite laying in bed until after 12:30 p.m., I am feeling a little empowered. I woke up with a bit of a stomach ache and crawled back into bed to do some work. And I didn’t just watch TV on my computer. I mean, I did watch a little TV, but come on, it’s freezing here (the term is relative, keep that in mind) and I didn’t feel good. A little New Girl couldn’t be helped.

But, when I wasn’t coveting Zooey Deschanel’s sweater collection I was alternately crushing my Christmas list–six more people have prezzies now!–researching and writing an article that’s due on Monday, reaching out to caterers (another day we can talk about what a cf the wedding industry is) and learning how to be a good mom someday. Motivated by over 12 hours in bed I kicked myself out from under the duvet to tackle a project that technically started this weekend when we brought home supplies from the giant hardware store. 

Our living room shelving unit came equipped with glass shelves and when we originally bought it I knew I would want to change them out. The look is a little too light and delicate for my taste. Adam had some pine planks cut to size and after picking up staining supplies I felt ready to tackle the project. So, cut to me rolling out of bed with unbrushed teeth–N.B., still unbrushed. It’s 4:15– and a will to beautify boring wood. After sanding, wiping, and staining I can confirm that doing handy projects like this one leads to a nice sense of empowerment. My dad, who is insanely handy, and I hope my brothers, who are both quite handy themselves, would be proud.

It’s unfortunate that I really don’t like the way the test pieces came out. As the forums noted, pine is notoriously difficult to stain if you don’t use a wood conditioner first and I couldn’t find one at the hardware store the other day. Nevertheless,I’m  hopeful we can come to a solution that works better. Until then I’ll just walk around with my head a little higher. Or, actually maybe lower because it’s really cold here and supposed to snow tonight/tomorrow and I like to just burrow my whole head down into my scarf.


2 thoughts on “Rarr!

  1. Look for a stain pre-treater. There are ways to treat the pine so that it absorbs the stain more evenly. The issue with pine is it has very open and wavy grain so that some of the grain is open and you get a lot of absorption, and then some is closed on the surface so you don’t get very much absorption at all. This is the reason it stains so “blotchy”, the pre-treaters actually fill the open grain with a clear sealant so that when you stain it it doesn’t absorbs stain more like the closed grain. Its not perfect, but it does help, that said I don’t build anything with pine that isn’t getting painted.

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