Bundle up, Friday!


Last year around this time, seemingly to battle the nonexistent cold, Adam and I started a little trend of ordering a side of Jack with our beers when we were out. It lasted for about a month and always was a surprise to our friends given that we aren’t traditionally shot orderers. About five minutes into the opening act of the Youth Lagoon concert last night, Adam resuscitated this old party trick in the hopes that the music would go down a little easier if we had something warm and slightly sensory inhibiting with which to fill our bellies.

This type of music, which my country-loving brother-in-law once referred to as angsty-sad-feelings-music, or something of the like, is certainly not to everyone’s delight. Though, after a few more minutes, Absolutely Free really did start to sound great and my taste in music that’s concerned not so much with feelings but rather with substance was reaffirmed. But, what truly blew me away was Youth Lagoon himself (YL is his stage name). I wasn’t fully prepared for the punch he and his cohorts would pack, or the Bob Ross coif he rocked just as hard and convincingly as the man himself (rest in peace).

The Swiss are awkward and never more so than at a concert. When I hear live music I usually just want to dance, and last night I could have jammed all night. The sounds were so full and genuine and I felt a familiar disappointment that my fellow attendees (Adam excluded) were not reaching their full experience potential. The concert made me excited about the band with renewed fervor and I cannot recommend the album The Year of Hibernation highly enough.

Speaking of Switzerland, the country found its way into the news a couple times this recently. I happened to pass the Parliament building when the demonstration for a base salary was under way and it seemed to make quite an impact. In the coming months Switzerland will open up the vote on whether every citizen should receive a base salary simply for being alive. It’s a compelling dialogue that opens up questions of not only fairness and equality but trust and responsibility.

Also, this happened.

If I wasn’t feeling so velvet-mouthed from last night’s “aperitif,” I would try to make my own pizza dough for tonight’s dinner. I have it on good authority that we are heading in the store-bought direction, however.

What does a week’s worth of groceries look like at your house? If it’s the first image, we need a come-to-Jesus moment.

These pants.

“The ‘long hang time’ of flavors like garlic creates a smell that stimulates memories,” causing you to dive back into the bag. Flavor bursts and criminal breath: why are Doritos so alluring?

Why you are late and what you can do to stop it. 

It’s no secret that I’m a big admirer of David Sedaris, and I was saddened to hear of his sister’s suicide. Sedaris’ take on the tragedy is moving and poignant.

One soldier’s take on putting veterans on a pedestal. An intriguing and diverse perspective.

Oh, my.


What are you up to this weekend? Adam is picking up his birthday bike tomorrow and Sunday we are having a wedding war plan day. Whatever you get up to I hope it’s marvelous.


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