A Good Life



We are home from Paris and I do want it to be known that our good fortune has been in no way lost on me. This week especially, one so filled with gratitude and love, proves to be a great reminder to not take beautiful and exceptional weekends like the one we just had for granted.

I would also like the record to show that I love Paris. Although, from my constant profession of said expression over the last few days, I think the whole world now knows this. I just really love Paris. This last weekend we experienced new facets of the city and partook in delights neither of us had done before. Having been three times now I am assured that one can never run out of new and interesting things to do there. Is it weird to say I am already looking forward to our next trip?

I’m excited to go through photos and pull out some favorites, but I probably won’t get to it until tomorrow. Paris completely wiped me out! An extra-late night last night, nobly spent staying up to watch the sweet triplets get baptized, has left me a bit drained and I have a few other bits to tend to, like five shelves that still need a coat of polyurethane. Plus, my dear friend Kathryn sent me an amazing surprise birthday package, complete with a fashion magazine (my weakness) and I more or less need to dive bomb into it this afternoon.

So, au revoir until tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “A Good Life

  1. We’re so glad you guys tuned in for the big show, means a lot to us. I was a little worried you wouldn’t be able to make it when i heard you were going to Paris for the weekend. Glad you had a happy b-day and we have gifts waiting for you to get home in a month or so!!!

    PS. I hate Paris. My disappointment with the city started at age 12 when i was pick pocketed on the subway when I was there with Pops. Continued to disappoint when Courtney and I went about 10 years ago, found it to be dirty and extremely unfriendly to us. Was reinforced by a Parisian who accused me of being an over aggressive war hungry American at dinner one night, not for anything I said mind you, just for being US born. I like everywhere else I’ve been in France, but Paris can suck it as far as I’m concerned.

    PPS Why did the Parisians line their streets with trees? So the Germans, can march in the shade. Hate it.

    • haha. Oh, Matt.

      I know a lot of people don’t like France and especially don’t like Parisians. I’ve learned from our French friends that there is a huge difference between people born in Paris and people born everywhere else in the country. There is an extreme dislike for the bourgeois-centric Parisians and they can be quite unfriendly and pretentious to some. Thankfully, we haven’t run into too much negativity and thus remain in a state of naive bliss with regard to the country and culture : )

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