Fiddle Leaf











Five weeks later and our fiddle leaf plant is still alive! They can be quite fussy (one homeowner actually confessed to singing to hers at night), but this little figgy must feel right at home.

Can’t say the same for the umbrella tree that is ironically making it rain in the living room with its leaves…

8 thoughts on “Fiddle Leaf

    • I got it from my local florist (in Switzerland), but I think you can find them at places like Home Depot and Lowe’s now in the States. Also check a local nursery or garden shop! They are such a fun plant and add a lot of character to a room : )

  1. So that is what that plant is called. I’ve seen it around in all the décor magazines, but it never said what the name was. Lets hope I don’t kill this one! : ) Thanks and great photos!

  2. your photography skills are wonderful!!! Mrs. Adam (I still can’t believe you are married…) I think you should send me your address via Facebook so I can send you letters and stuff

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