What’s Cookin’



Sunday morning I was charged with making four dozen cookies to bring to book club later that afternoon. I had bought ingredients for a shortbread cookie recipe the day before, and like any good cook, I didn’t read the yield until right before I started baking (wait, I think I’ve done this before). Turns out this recipe only makes 16 cookies. I needed something like three times that. This wouldn’t have been so much of a problem if grocery stores were actually open on Sundays and if I hadn’t been feeling so fuzzy-mouthed from the holiday party the night before.

I managed to scrape out enough flour for a second batch and instead of making two-tablespoon cookies I made one-tablespoon cookies and I think they were better that size. If you too have a cookie swap to attend or just have a herd of hungry mouths to feed I highly recommend giving these shortbreads a shot. Bon Appétit has a great round-up of ten recipes that might also come in handy.

I also want to share a tip top salmon recipe I tried a couple weeks ago. I ate more fish in Paris than I have in the last six months, and I only ate it twice. In Charleston it was easy to eat fish and shellfish and I felt like we were eating shrimp nearly every other week. But here, in this landlocked country, it just doesn’t feel the same. Also, psychologically, fish doesn’t fill me up like a huge plate of spätzli or a magnificent mound of pasta. But, determined to eat widely and healthfully, I took the plunge, so to speak, and bought some salmon.

Stop, drop, and roll, you guys. This recipe makes really, really good salmon. I can’t believe how moist and flaky the fish was and the thick layer of herbs on top was beyond flavorful. We served it along brussels sprouts (for fitness dinner) but a number of sides would be good here.

Tonight, I am trying a different salmon recipe (I guess I’m basically a pescaterian at this point) and it looks pretty tasty as well. I found it on Real Simple, another favorite destination for meals, under 37 Easy Salmon Recipes. Um, this is a no-brainer.

Tomorrow, though, it’s back to business as usual. Bacon and cream and cheese? Will someone please come check on us tomorrow night to make sure we are still alive?


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