Awkward Family Photo, Christmas 2012

P1000921Let’s talk about this picture for a minute.

It was taken last year on Christmas Eve and given the three teeny tiny babes in the middle, you can tell it was a very special Christmas. But this photo sums up a lot about families and holidays and what together-time looks like:

  • Jacob (bottom left) looks completely freaked out. A sort of “help me” expression appears etched on his face
  • Courtney (top left) looks like she is allergic to our dad. My dad is amazing (like so many of yours as well) and I’m interested to know why she’s pulling away, or giving him a giant bear hug simply because they are so close together
  • Also, where is her husband? I think he’s the one taking this shot?
  • My mom is nowhere to be found. Probably in the bathroom, I’m thinking
  • Matt (green checked shirt) is hiding some friendly fire behind that Christmas smile. Something along the lines of I’m a brand-new parent to three miraculous lives, why in God’s green earth do you think I have time for this picture?!
  • It looks sort of like I’m breastfeeding Mason.
  • Conner (sitting on his mama’s lap) is wailing a sentiment similar to Matt’s. Or he’s busting out the high note in “Roxanne”
  • Courtney (next to me), looks, like, really happy and beautiful and I don’t think you would be able to guess that she just had three babies on the same day not too long before this picture was taken
  • Everything/everyone else looks pretty normal and Christmas-y

But, doesn’t this picture represent a lot about the holidays: not everyone is there, some people are sleeping through the whole thing, others perpetually crying, and still more crazy-happy and blissed out?

I love it. And I love my family. LIKE CRAZY. And I can’t wait to be back home tomorrow to give them all a big smooch and a hug. See you soon, family!!


8 thoughts on “Awkward Family Photo, Christmas 2012

  1. I think protest is probably too strong a word, but your mom was not in the bathroom.

    Sometimes capturing the moment can ruin that very moment. Special moments with good food, good friends, beloved family are meant to be enjoyed when they are happening, and fondly remembering when past, not everything has to be recorded for posterity. It’s been a while since I was at a concert, but as the educational cell phone commercials have demonstrated they are no longer for enjoying the band, but recording and showing off to your “friends” and followers that you were there. What was the set list? did they play “this” song or “that” song? Sorry, can’t remember as i was too busy updating Facebook, or tweeting, or Instagraming (sp?), but at least there’s proof I was there. What happened to living in the moment and just enjoying those around you? That’s where the memories come from, that’s what’s worth capturing, not the pained smile of an older brother who can’t wait to put the kids in their carseats, take them home for the 4th or 5th bottle of the day and put them down for naps so he can get 30 min of quiet before it starts all over again. Not that I’m bitter or anything. πŸ™‚

      • Knew I could count on you for some feedback, bro : )

        But I think you’re totally right in that people seem to no longer know how to be in the moment. It’s more about the story than the experience. What a shame. But, holidays can be an exception to the rule at times, don’t you think? If not, just remember who our dad is and what he’s like: there’s no stopping that dude when it comes to documenting memories!! “Send me pics and flicks!”

        Also, have you seen this apple commercial? I actually teared up watching it mostly bc I’m so damn excited to come home haha

  2. I so far have refused to watch this commercial. A Facebook friend of mine, who actually is a former neighbor and actual friend constantly posts these types of things in order to make the rest of us cry. I’ve become an emotional old woman in my fatherhood and now tear up at just about anything involving kids/sports/animals/grandparents/eating/drinking/computers/breathing/yougetthepoint so i have to draw the line somewhere. Crying at Apple is that line.

  3. I was trying to hold in my laughter at the office whilst reading this post and now I’ve succeeded in making myself cry (laughing tears) because it’s just. too. much.


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