Merry Christmas!

Winter Tree





Adam and I are currently flying high somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean on our way back to Kansas City. Adam’s dad said that we would move over here and before we knew it it would be time to come home for Christmas. Boy, was he right!

It’s felt like no time at all since we were at home but I’ve been so excited to get back to all my family that I’ve given myself a stomachache the last two days. It’s weird but real, and sorry I’m not sorry.

Moving back abroad has been a rewarding experience so far, but I’d be false if I said it hasn’t been a rough transition. In fact, despite not living with a certifiable maniac and taking care of three young children, this time has been a little rougher than the last. I think it was the abrupt change in scenery and the feeling that we were yanked away from our wonderful friends in Charleston. The shiny editor career which I was so looking forward to has also eluded me and that too has caused both a bruised ego and lonely days.

But, I am on a major upswing here, and anyone who has moved abroad, or far away from loved ones for that matter, knows that every story has its ups and downs. Fall was a bit of a low point for me, but I’m feeling good now. Really good.

Returning home to see family is about as high as it gets for me so to fully absorb the time with those whom I love most I’m going to take a full week (plus a day or four) away from the blog. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, in whatever magical way you choose to celebrate.

Bis dann!


ps. this is my favorite Christmas song:


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