Christmas Snaps











I wanted to share a few images from our trip back to Kansas City. To be fair, I was majorly preoccupied soaking up good times with family and friends to take a bunch a pictures, but between Adam and I (and Matt!) we managed to capture a few memories.

It went as fast as I predicted and looking back on it now it feels almost like a dream. Adam and I saw almost all the people we hoped to visit with and ate pretty much everything we’d been craving over the last five months: barbeque, Mexican, burgers, Boulevard beer, Mom’s chocolate chip cookies, and plenty more. It’s been nothing but Spando pants for me the last few days. And restless nights, unfortunately. The past two nights I’ve been wide awake from about 2 until 5 and this morning I was completely zonked out until 11. 11! I haven’t done that in a looong time. But I think my body needed the rest.

I hope your holiday season has been as kind to you as ours had. There’s nothing quite like the magic of home.







IMG_1344^^I won the in-law jackpot, to be sure. These guys are the best!

IMG_1346^^new sister-in-law!


IMG_1403^^Christmas morning at Adam’s!

IMG_1421^^pretty candid of Courtney


IMG_0255^^The real take-away from this trip is the triplets’s absolute adoration of Uncle Adam. Mason woke up from his nap about five minutes before this picture and once he was set on the ground he immediately crawled into Adam’s lap. I basically burst into tears of love. A couple of my favorite people snuggling is maybe the best Christmas present ever.

IMG_0263^^once the iphone came out the boys were instantly captivated. Love their expressions


^^Conner! Your sweet face!




^^This is our complicated new dance routine.

DSC06136^^more evidence of their love for Adam


DSC06284^^Babies with bows on their heads: never fails to be charming. Avery proving the theory correct.

I also want to wish you a very happy new year. 2013 was a very big year, indeed. I graduated in May with my master’s at the top of my class, got engaged a week later, got married 6 weeks after that, moved to Switzerland only 4 weeks after that occurred and am now here in Bern having a major Tim Gunn “make it work” moment.

And things are really good. We are so blessed. It’s hard to go home and not be awed by how supportive our family and friends are and feel how monumentally we are loved. 2013 was so, so full and good and I have a sneaking suspicion that this next year is going to be tops for sure. I hope, in fact, despite having a seriously killer year, that 2014 blows 2013 out of the water: a big wedding, er, vow renewal celebration, visitors, trips to new cities, a honeymoon (!), and more writing opportunities. Thoughts are things, so let’s make them come true.

Happy New Year!!

xo Kristina

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