A Personal Favorite: Madewell

NY Linen Tee

As an women’s-only offshoot of J.Crew, I don’t see any way around a love for Madewell. Known best for being “jeans makers” their aesthetic is casual and laid-back, which is perfect for me since I’m used to conducting most all my business in pajamas. Get snazzy with a cozy flannel shirt or an easy dress (that may as well feel like a nightgown it’s so comfortable) and I pretty much feel black-tie. I have a vague sense about how and when I first heard about them (probably online somewhere…), but ever since I’ve steadily grown in my appreciation for their versatility and comfort. Do you see a trend, here?

In the last year or so they’ve taken a new direction away from trendy or fast-fashion pieces, which they unfortunately fell prey to, alienating some of their loyal customers. Now, with Somsack Sikhounmuong leading design (he hails from J.Crew) it appears that the brand is back on track with classic, and even some investment pieces.

Last week they rolled out over 100 new styles for the spring and pre-spring collection and I’m, oh, how do you say, since “champing at the bit” seems a bit aggressive for clothing? pleased immeasurably? genuinely enthused? I hope you get my point. They’re just clothes, of course, but when you look good, you feel good, and dang do these pieces look good. Could this sweet peplum top be any cheerier?!

Peplum Top


One-piece Swimsuit

Spotted Flats

Knot Earrings

I have some Madewell bucks to blow on my upcoming trip back to the States and I already have a few ideas in mind:

I feel like I am forever on the search for a well-fitting, not-too-professorial v-neck cardigan and this may be the one, methinks.

Also, I know the one-piece swimsuit is nothing new, but there’s a sweetness to the bow on this one and I really like that it’s all black.

Logos aren’t always my thing, but gray sweaters certainly are and I know I could feel like a cool girl in this one. And comfortable. We all know that’s a major priority.

These flats are a no-brainer because if we’ve ever met then you know I rarely wear heels. If I’m feeling fancy and extra jazzed up about something, then bring them on!, but mostly just no.

I almost exclusively wear studs so am always looking to add to my collection. These ones appeal to my nautical side (which has been rudely neglected since we moved from Charleston)

Oh, and not pictured but well on its way to my house is this striped shirt that I simply couldn’t resist. The rule is, however, that if one striped piece comes in another must go out. Physics, you know.


The most exciting part, really, is that these New Arrivals signal that the first signs of spring are shyly peeking around the corner. I know we haven’t been (soul-) crushed with snow like most of America, but the low gray skies and endless chill are getting pretty old, my friend. I’m dyin’ to show a little leg over here!

What’s on your spring wish list? Are you a big Madewell fan, too?

(all images via Madewell, used with permission)

(by the way, this is in no way a sponsored post. simply an impassioned one : )



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