Walking Songs

BranchesAnd then there was sun today. It feels like nothing short of a miracle. I was horrified to learn on the train this weekend that we have had a very dry fall and winter, not near the amount of rainfall that the area usually gets. But, how can this be possible when it rains, as a little seven-year-old French girl used to say, all the times?

Today, though, there was lightness and brightness and warmth on my face like I haven’t felt in ages. It was in the high 40s and I’m afraid I may have even sunburned my checks a little. Adam and I were discussing whether or not we thought seasonal depression was real and I know I’ve joked about it before but I can say for certain that it is. It’s not so much the incessant cloud cover and fog that make me aware of it, rather days like today, ones that are sunny and beautiful, that really throw the gloom into relief. When I get this excited about a sunny day then I know that I’ve been in a fog of my own for quite awhile.

I took a bunch of pictures today (resolution!), which I would love to share with you, but I have reached the pinnacle in my book and have to say I don’t even want to take the time to edit them today. Must keep reading! So, until next week for those…

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with songs that are just perfect for walking around. Today I forwent the earbuds in fear that I would go into sensory overload, but these tunes are a couple of my current favorites. For well over a year whenever “Coronado” would come on I would always ask Adam who the band was. I absolutely could not remember, which is probably a bad sign. But it was also kind of cool because it felt like I was hearing the song for the first time over and over again, which is something just shy of magical.

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