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IMG_1936I suppose I have the Pax winter storm to thank for canceling my flight back to Kansas City today. The weather in the States is nothing shy of atrocious, but at this point it feels like a personal affront. Winter Storm, do you know I have a wedding to get back to?!

As of now I’ve been rebooked on a flight leaving tomorrow so hopefully that connection runs smoothly. As much as I love a good sleepover I think I could do without spooning my backpack with one eye open all night at the airport. In circumstances such as these it’s best to just go with the flow, so ever onward!

In other exciting news, Adam and I received our beautiful Baron Fig notebooks in the mail yesterday. Adam found these on Kickstarter several months back and ordered three for our creative outpourings. They’ll work well for writing sweet love letters this weekend, too.

The notebooks are elegant and cleverly designed. They open flat for easy writing, are filled with thick paper and have a beautifully understated gray linen cover. I’m so impressed! You can choose between lined, unlined and dot-grid paper and given my Type-A personality I went straight toward lined paper while Adam can get all right-brained with the unlined sheets.



The Kickstarter campaign ended many moons ago but the response was tremendous. Their original goal was $15,000 and they came away with a handsome sum of $168,289. It appears there are a lot of thoughts that need to be recorded.

What’s so great about the Baron Fig team is that they understand how integral technology is to recording and storing information, but also know that some ideas get their best start on paper. I’ve never been a hardcore journal or diary keeper, but I really love pen to paper. This notebook is an ideal size for toting around in your bag without taking up too much space, perfect for inspirations ranging from grocery lists to blog post topics to future life-changing novel ideas.

As of now you can’t directly purchase the notebooks, but you can put yourself on a email list and be the first to know about placing a future order.



Write on, my friends.

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