Baby Time



One of my favorite parts about coming home is all the time I get to spend with the triplets, Mason, Conner and Avery. They are now 15 months old and the sweetest, happiest little toddlers.

I tried to snap a few photos and even managed to get a video because I knew Uncle Adam (who, in the past, they’ve preferred) would want to see how big and amazing they are. They are all taken with an iphone and a little fuzzy because as you know, tots are wiggly little creatures.

IMG_0466^^love Mason’s long-armed selfie


IMG_0561^^Avery being a cheese

IMG_0549^^and cuddling with Grandpa

IMG_0552^^Conner’s turn!


IMG_0544^^Mason with my mom. I wish I could bottle up that smile and the little giggle

IMG_0462^^Conner’s pout-pout face


IMG_0572^^curious little man

My brother bought this crazy ball that he can control with his phone. It can zoom around the floor, shake and vibrate and completely delight the kids. Below are a couple videos of them fascinated with the toy. I love these little people.

2 thoughts on “Baby Time

  1. Kristina-just a note to thank you for the blog with the post baby time–Delightful little people that you can love-not one but three!! Have a safe trip back!! Love you Grandma

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