Bachelor Party Surprise

I love surprises.

I love friends.

I love expensive things.

All of these are true but I really cherish the first two and during my second weekend at home last month I enjoyed both…for a SURPRISE BACHELOR PARTY (I do not like the word bachelorette for some strange reason [has nothing to do with feminism, etc.] so although this was definitely a female party I’m still going to call it a bachelor party. Moving forward!)

On Saturday I had my final wedding dress fitting with my mom, aunt, sister, and mother-in-law, followed by a stand-out lunch and more shopping in the afternoon. I was so, so tired from all the festivities and was looking forward to ordering in Chinese food with my sis and a couple of girlfriends. To note, here was our lovely lady lunch:





Yeah, so maybe it was the steak and red wine at lunch that put me into a sleepy place, but trust me, I was a bit wiped out to start. But, as we were pulling into our driveway my aunt told me that she had a present for me. It was really big and it was really expensive. I woke up.

I was intrigued.

Everyone slowly followed me into the garage where we found nothing but my dad hard at work cleaning my mom’s car. As we walked through into the house and through the kitchen I could hear muted whispers and I finally turned around and asked why everyone was being weird and following me. Rather than answers I received a shove toward the basement and my aunt’s reminder that a big, expensive present awaited me downstairs. And this is what happened:

I’ll refrain only slightly from completely waxing poetic on my friendship with Claire, Laura, Hayley, Whitney, and my sister Courtney because friendship is nothing new to you. BUT, these five women are the best women. We’ve known each other nearly all our lives and met when we were wee youngsters at church. We were always chummy but our friendship really peaked and became exclusive in high school during our summer mission trips. We named ourselves LYLAS (love you like a sister) slightly ironically but more honestly than any of us would admit at the time. And while Claire and Laura really are sisters and Courtney and I are sisters as well I would without any trace of doubt consider all of them my closest of kin.

So, to have Whitney fly in from Florida and Laura fly from California and watch Claire at the end of that video run toward Courtney to get her to join in our cheer fest, six-month pregnant belly first, means the world to mean and equals mountains and mountains of love.

We had dinner at Extra Virign, which I’ve been wanting to try for ages and my sister was clever enough to reserve the private room, because trust me, you do not want to be a part of this. It’s annoying as hell to anyone not in the know and our waiter literally ran away from us at the end of the night when we tried to snap a picture with him. We may all be in our mid-to-late-twenties but some things (like foul humor, name calling and Mean Girls quotes) never change from high school.


After dinner we went back to Courtney’s house and indulged in an epic sleepover, and I unfortunately have to spare you all those details. Girls only!! No bunny costumes, no penis paraphernalia, no scavenger hunts at the bars. It was perfect. If I only get to see these girls once or twice a year (if we’re terribly lucky, like we are this year) then I just want to enjoy them and not scream over music at a stupid bar.

IMG_0508^^Laura (aka Jessica Rabbit) and Whitney



hay^^myself and Hayley

OH, and Courtney’s husband Jared was our chauffeur for the evening and he was excellent:

IMG_0500^^he even wore one of my dad’s leather hats (!!) like a true gentleman

The night was everything. It was amazing and I’m so grateful for good friends with good hearts and surprisingly foul senses of humor. Claire, Laura, Whitney and Hayley I love you like you are my truest and best sister. Courtney, I love you like a crazy person and feel so blessed that you really are my sister.

To friendship!



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