It’s Spring, Friday!

Paris Flowers

I haven’t always been this crazy about wanting fresh flowers around. Maybe it’s because we see so many beautiful flower stands around the city and it seems to be so important to bring the outdoors in when you have only a small balcony to call your turf. I’ve been buying fresh flowers each week and it’s really helped brighten my day and bring me out of the winter funk. I’ve been partial to tulips and ranunculuses but look forward to incorporating all the pretty blooms of spring and summer (oh my goodness, I can’t wait for you, summer).

What are you up to this weekend? I have a meeting tomorrow morning about a possible tutoring gig, but otherwise the weekend is free. Hopefully we’ll get to the park for a picnic and maybe go for a long walk. I’m still feeling a little beat after what has felt like a very busy two months. Let’s do the r&r thing. I hope your weekend is wonderful, and here are a few links just for fun:

The Deeply Weird World of Extreme Dog Grooming. It’s really a thing

Made me laugh out loud. Numbers 2, 5, and 9 are real winners (Thanks, Matt!)

I found a new desktop wallpaper and I’m feeling surprisingly cheery about it (KT Painting 5)

Does anyone not have a crush on Scarlett Johansson?

I need this t-shirt

A genius cookbook for spring

Though my mom is a bit of a worrier we were always allowed to play outside and unsupervised. These days kids are much more overprotected and suffering for it. Anyone with kiddos care to weigh in?

Best sandwich shops in America. Butcher & Bee in Charleston is #1!

A seriously cool apartment in New York City

I bought these sandals while I was at home and can’t wait to wear them in warmer temperatures!

99 Valid Reasons Your Toddler Might Get Out of Bed.

We saw this movie last weekend and loved it. Have you seen it yet? If not, do it!

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