Balcony Progress

IMG_2480When we moved into our apartment last September it seemed a bit too late in the summer to get serious about filling up our balcony. We bought a small table and chairs from Ikea that ended up looking like a postage stamp on our mid-size balcony, and I eagerly anticipated the moment when we could start making it look more home-y and lived in.

It served as a great DIY area, and surely still will. I painted our kitchen cart out here, stained shelves, painted stools and repotted all sorts of house plants. We were lucky to get such a sizable balcony in our price range and I’m grateful every day for a little outdoor space to call our own.

IMG_2475I enlisted my parents to help organize our balcony since they are such good gardeners and have a great eye for plants and blooms. A couple trips to the garden center and the farmers market tremendously helped fill out the space.

Then, Adam and I went to the big Home-Depot-like hardware store on Saturday and bought a grill, olive tree, and a couple more plants just for fun. When you’re lucky enough to borrow a car, take advantage of the hauling power.






IMG_2472^^heavenly blue, you are a beauty









IMG_2426^^rosemary for the win!



IMG_2442^^the forsythia is out of control!


We went with a classic Weber, which was one of two or three brands offered. The other ones had names like, “Ultra European Star Outdoor Chef,” which made me extra skeptical since we’re dealing with an open flame here. It’s a nice little portable guy and fits perfectly on the table we bought from Ikea. We upgraded our dining table to something a little roomier and more comfortable.

I am unbelievably pleased with the progress we’ve made so far. I spend so much time at home, looking out at this space, and it makes me happy to see it resemble the rest of our home. There are, of course, still tweaks to be made. I’d love to get a little herb garden going and I know the purple and white flowers will need to be replaced in a couple months. But, it’s looking so bright and vibrant, no?





7 thoughts on “Balcony Progress

  1. Kristina- you are making me green with envy looking at your space!!how beautiful!the colors are bright and the flowers are so striking!Think you are doing a very good job in making a homey and lovely home! We are having very WINDY days here in Kansas-March came in like a Lion but is not going out like a Lamb! Love you both- Grandma

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