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How do you fitness? On my walk this morning I was thinking about grateful I am for a strong and able body and each day while I say my prayers at lunch I give thanks for my health and physical fitness. I’m not exactly sure what I would do without it.

I’ve gone through various phases of fitness wherein I focus intently on certain exercise or routines. Above you can see me trying to touch a branch that Adam can reach flat footed. This isn’t so much exercise as me trying to work out my height complex. As of late, though, I’ve been all about plyometrics, which have totally changed my metabolism. And by changed I mean FIRED UP. Plyo exercises are designed to exert maximum muscle force in a short period of time. You will eventually increase in both speed and power and improve muscle response, not only in your plyometric exercises but in fitness across the board.

Last fall I found these six plyometric exercises in my Real Simple magazine and have been doing them about twice a week for nearly four months. There are six exercises that take 45 seconds and you pause for 15 seconds in between each one. You then repeat the whole routine once. I do make a few modifications to the routine, however. For example, I replace the second exercise with standard push-ups. I try to do the first half (20 seconds or so) in a high plank and the second half on my knees (~25 seconds). Also, I usually add my own cardio to start and do about 5-10 minutes of cardio between sets. This is not pretty. It’s usually a mix of TurboKick moves I remember from college, an interesting and offensive blend of martial arts “punches” and kicks, jumping jacks, jogging in place and other heart rate boosters. Now that it’s warming up outside I suppose I could go run around the block a few times and save myself from private humiliation. But, let me tell you, some of the mind-bending moves I’ve come up with make me SWEAT.

The whole routine should take you about 15 minutes if you’re following the program. In those minutes you’ll burn about 150 calories, plus more throughout the day. I’ve convinced Adam to try it and he found the whole thing punishing at first but I think he’s starting to understand the rewards. I recently sent it to my aunt to try out and I thought, why not share it with you fine people?

The best part about the routine, and what makes it worth sharing, is that it really ramped up my metabolism and I found I had lost a few pounds without even trying. I think it’s always good to mix up your routine and incorporating this with my regular yoga and running program has kept my body guessing and transforming. If you’re looking for a way to energize a new season of exercise or are just getting bored with what you’ve got going on the plyometric option is a worth looking into.

Obviously there are a lot of plyometric routines out there this is just the one I’ve stumbled across that has worked for me. I’d love to hear from you! Do you work out? What are you favorite types of fitness? Equally as important, what music do you listen to while you fitness? I’ve got some tried and true tunes but they are nearly as embarrassing as my cardio moves…


THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT: I am not a fitness expert and I make no claims to be one. Exercise is a hobby and big interest of mine. I have never been certified as a personal trainer and only have certifications for yoga through YogaFit. Please consult a trained professional before beginning a new fitness program. Thank you!


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