Sunday Snaps

This morning I went to the equivalent of the DMV with sweaty palms and general teenage angst. Not only does the DMV carry such negative connotations, but going there to apply for a foreign driver’s license in (broken) German inspires a brand of anxiety that is both unusual to me and unwelcome.

Though I was reassured it was a relatively painless process I was still nervous: Why would they give a license to a person who can barely understand the language? Isn’t that just bad practice? And dangerous? Would they return my original license like some people told me they wouldn’t, and then would I have a problem driving or showing ID in the States? Would I wait in line for four hours, bored out of my skull? Would the workers be brusk and mean like they are back home? Would I then cry because of that? Just your run of the mill anxiety, folks.

What really happened was I rode my bike to the office, walked upstairs, went to the wrong window (because I can’t read good), went to the right window, gave her my application and sputtered something about being a good driver and if you would only just give me the license then that would be super great, the woman told me the application was perfect and they would send my new license, a bill (for about $250), and my old license back to me by post within two to three weeks. All said with a friendly smile and in the span of about 5.5 seconds. It took me longer to brush my teeth this morning.

It’s a good reminder, one I need often while working through bureaucratic and administrative tasks, that these things are never as bad as I imagine. I tend to fixate on an idea and then worry to the point of no mercy, exhausting myself and becoming irrationally discouraged. Rather, I’d like to spend a little more time going with the flow and trusting myself that I know what I’m doing and that whenever I show up at the offices of whoever and whatever no one will yell at me for being American or roll their eyes at my foreign-ness. Upward and onward!

Otherwise, how was your weekend? Ours was immensely relaxing and simultaneously very productive. We bought our tickets to Greece, tickets to Bali, booked one hotel in Greece and did some good research on both locales. We also checked out a new bar that’s a couple blocks away and indulged in a few delicious pale ales.

Yesterday afternoon Adam and I grabbed a couple coffees at an outdoor cafe and I shuttled off to book club while Adam bummed around and took a few pictures (finally getting to the title of this post). I thought I’d share a few glimpses of what Bern looks like to Adam on a sunny afternoon.






































(see what I mean about Adam finding and framing the shot so nicely?)

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