Looking at Last Friday


We are in Amsterdam this weekend! We booked this trip a couple months ago and while we were excited for it we got caught up with booking travel home for the wedding in August, the honeymoon in September and our Greece trip this summer. All the sudden Amsterdam was upon us and we had barely looked at information or made an itinerary. I managed to make a few dinner reservations and jot down a few ideas on places to visit (here and here, please. oh, and definitely here), but Adam’s been before and has some basic knowledge that we can rely on. Also, when you go to a place like Amsterdam I fully believe you can employ the “let’s just show up” philosophy and you undoubtedly be entertained.

Instead of a list of links (to be fair, I made two big lists this week–Wednesday and Thursday) how about a list of pictures? Here are a few shots from last Friday evening at the park. We enjoyed Prosecco and prosciutto and the sunset before going out to dinner. It was the perfect way to celebrate our meetiversary. Have a great weekend! And Happy Easter to those celebrating : )



















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