Tuesday Book Club: Feelings

feeling feelings

This would be me finishing The Fault in Our Stars on the plane yesterday: hiding my face in my armpit so no one could tell I was crying. Like, hardcore crying. I was feeling that book fully with just about everything I had. Why do books make us (me?) so emotional, even when it’s not just sadness that’s being provoked?

And I just want to note that this was a reread, as in I already knew exactly what would happen.


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Book Club: Feelings

  1. Kristina- Thanks for sharing–the beauty of the scenery is breathtaking! My gosh is that my Adam standing so tall and handsome opening the wine???? We did miss you — Love you Grandma

  2. Totally know how you feel. There are just certain books that are so moving and well written that you can’t help but cry. I remember my last really good cry after a book was My Sister’s Keeper. I have not read The Fault in Our Stars yet though, thanks for the suggestion.

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