An Interview + A Bonus Video

Two weeks ago I was interviewed by a friend of mine who works for the local news website, SwissInfo. The website covers national Swiss news, but is geared toward people who live outside of the country and are interested in learning more about local politics and culture. It’s a great resource for people who are interested in moving to the country or who have significant ties to the area.

When my friend contacted me I thought I would just be listening in on an interview but as the microphone sat perched between the three of us I quickly realized that I, too, would be queried and expected to provide thoughtful responses. Her podcast was on immigration and the process of moving here and setting up in a foreign country, which is, of course, something I know a little bit about. She has since turned part of that interview into a podcast, which you can listen to here. She will also be using our interview to put together a separate article on trailing spouses trying to find work in the country, and I will be sure to pass that along to you when it comes out.

My part is mostly at the beginning of the fifteen-minute podcast and two things immediately come to mind when listening to the interview as a whole: 1.) I don’t sound nearly as squeaky as I feared I would, and 2.) being an immigrant is destabilizing. To be fair, I really don’t think of myself as an immigrant, though I suppose that’s technically what I am. The other groups represented in the interview hail from far more exotic locales than safe, stable USA and it’s hard to imagine how different our circumstances are. While I do feel we suffer from a bit of discrimination due to our lack of language skills and obvious un-Swissness, I understand that it pales in comparison to other people’s experiences, especially in a xenophobic country like Switzerland.

It’s an interesting podcast and worth a listen if you’ve ever wondered about moving abroad or are interested to hear a few personal testimonies. Also, if you’re at all curious to learn what my voice sounds like, then here’s your chance : )

And just for fun on a Monday, have you seen this video?! It’s incredible! I don’t know a thing about racing cars, but this video of the difference between pit stops 60 years ago and today blew my tiny mind. Enjoy!


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