As of Right Now


I’m feeling a little creatively blocked this morning, so let’s just get down to basics:

Wearing: comfortable white shirt, gray sweatpants, gray slippers

Drinking: water

Last thing I ate: cottage cheese (with salt and pepper) and bread with peanut butter and jam for breakfast

Reading: The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton–it just got super juicy so I’m back to speed reading!

Listening to: Lord Huron Lonesome Dreams album (so good)

Watching: “House of Cards”

On the nightstand: my book, two kinds of chapstick and two dishes of jewelry

Frustrated by: this cold weather

Excited about: a new writing job

Last time I cried: on the plane last Monday finishing The Fault in Our Stars #noshame

Last time I laughed, hard: mime-spilling soup with Adam last night after dinner


OK, your turn : )


(image via)

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