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HBO's "True Detective" Season 1 / Director: Cary Fukunaga

Have you seen “True Detective” on HBO? It is so eerie! We aren’t big binge-TV people, but it’s always fun to get caught up in a new show and on Sunday night we watched two episodes in a row, which is pretty major for us. I always want to keep watching, but Adam knows how to keep the suspense alive : )

The show is about two detectives who work together in a small town in Louisiana. Or, I should say worked together, as the story is told in flashbacks. Based on the first couple episodes it appears that one of the detectives is being investigated rather than innocently interviewed, but we shall see! We are really in to it already. Here’s the trailer:

Have you seen it? What else are you watching? We are still watching season two of “House of Cards” (see the prolonging note above) and watched the pilot episode of “Orange is the New Black,” but haven’t decided if we’re committed.

Also, on a bit of a related note, we watched Sleepwalk With Me the other night and it was a funny, quirky movie that I would recommend if you’re looking for something light-hearted.

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6 thoughts on “Our New Show

  1. This show rulz. I think we talked the other night about how TV programming was soooo awful these days, but . . . is it? House of cards, True Detective, Breaking Bad, etc are pretty amazing as far as TV entertainment goes. I will never be a supporter of TV watching in general, but when you think back to the 90’s you could only chose between sitcoms or soap operas. There was nothing approaching the depth and production value of what we see today. Who do we have to thank for this? The Soprano’s? Or would you say that shows like these don’t “count” as TV?

    • All very true, but I think it’s important to note the difference between network TV and cable TV. With a few exceptions, most of the hugely popular (and decently made) shows are on cable and specialty channels like HBO and Netflix, etc. I would definitely credit “The Soprano’s” with changing the primetime landscape. Good call!

  2. My fiance watches “True Detective” but since I haven’t starting watching it from the beginning, I haven’t gotten into it just yet. I have watched “Orange is the New Black” though, the entire first season, and I think it’s a fairly good show.
    A show that I was obsessed with that, has since been cancelled, is “The Killing”. It only ran for 3 seasons but it’s an amazing show if you like suspense. I’m pretty sure they have season 1 on Netflix.

    • Cool, looks like we might try out a few more episodes of “Orange.” It’s so hard to tell how good a show is based on the pilot, you know? I’m looking into “The Killing” right now! Thanks for the recommendation : )

  3. I loved this series!!!! It’s so dark and eerie, and only gets more so as the series goes. They do such a good job of finding creepie/cool locations and building the suspense. I thought it was a one and done series, but at the end they started advertising it as the season finale so I guess they’re going to bring it back, somehow.

    Also I love Mike Berbiglia, I heard him years ago and have listened to several of his shows and get his emails. He’s got a quirky delivery that I like, and he’s a great story teller.

    • Awesome! Glad you hear someone else is watching it! It’s all about the location–abandoned buildings, run down town, and the amazing filter they put over everything. It definitely has the feel of a mini-series, but I’m excited to hear there might be a future.

      And, yes, Mike Berbiglia is so funny. I love his deadpan delivery and dry humor. Did you watch the movie? If not, you should : )

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