Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!















Thank you, Mom, for your extra-fluffy, curly hair. Thank you for teaching me manners and proper grammar. Thank you being an honest example of selfless generosity, compassion, and kindness. Thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams and passions, and then being helpful and supportive even when those plans send me thousands of miles away from you. Thank you for laughing so hard at my jokes and for thinking me funny; it’s an ego boost that is, I’m sure, making me hard to live with. Thank you for listening to me for countless hours while I talk incessantly about anything and everything, topics both important and mundane. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and giving me the tools to love others wholly and heartily in return. Thank you for being my mom, best friend, and confidant. You’re my best girl.

And, thank you, Susan, for being such an amazing mother-in-law.  Thank you for raising a son who is so generous and kind and loving toward me. Thank you for being supportive and caring and for buying me Mama Lupe’s Salsa when I needed it most. I feel so blessed to have you in my life.


What are you guys up to this weekend? Spending some quality time with the moms in your life? Aren’t they just the best? My friend Alexandra always jokes (in a serious way) that she’s obsessed with her mom and I’m inclined to feel the same way. Moms are such heros and I love that we take some time to celebrate them and their special place in our life. I wish I could be at home to get a hug from my mom, but I’ll be sending some very grateful vibes her way.

This weekend we are going to a thermal bath a little bit south of here for some relaxation and peace. This particular bath is supposed to have a stunning view of the mountains, so I am really looking forward to it. Adam just bought a smoker and it arrived this morning. Hopefully he’ll get a chance to take it for a test drive on Sunday. I hope you have a super weekend, and below you’ll find a few fun links if you’re in the mood to cruise the webs.

Visual representations of the weirdest laws in America

Do hotel star ratings even mean anything anymore?

Beautiful prints if you’re in the market for affordable art


Okay, someone please buy this. It totally rules!

What are your thoughts on crop tops?

Photos of abandoned malls. Creepy…

Amazing news for all you (J.) Crew-heads out there!

A little late on the report, but Hurricane Ashley Expected to Strike Several Bars on Cinco de Mayo

Mindy Kaling interviews Billy Crystal 

Four-year-olds review fancy restaurants. Real audible laughing with this one

The best blueberry scones

What do you do when you’re home alone? When Adam’s out of town I eat pasta on the couch and watch movies he won’t watch with me (last time it was The Five-Year Engagement)

Lastly, I know this video has been circulating the webs for a while but it’s too genius to not share today:


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