Sunday Showers


On Sunday “the devil was beating his wife”; or, there was a “funfair going on in Hell”; or, it was “a monkey’s birthday” ; or, it was a “one-eyed jackal’s wedding.” The Southern United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Pakistan, respectively, all have unique names for this phenomenon. I’ve always referred to it as a sunshower, but why not get creative for such a gorgeous spectacle?

I know I’ve whined incessantly about the rain we’ve been having (and will continue to have if this week’s forecast holds true), but yesterday, for a brief moment, the rain was really beautiful. This was taken through our guest room window at 7:20 pm when the sun was at the perfect pitch, casting a rich golden hue and creating strong, bold shadows. Adam had had a long day smoking pork shoulder (about which more later), dodging rain as he ran outside to adjust the coals or add liquid. To see the sun come out just as we were pulling the meat was a pleasant surprise.

And, of course, what happens when the devil is beating his wife? You get a beautiful rainbow:



And, if you’ve been really, really good, putting up with more rain than you can stand, then you just might be rewarded with an extra-special treat:


“Full-on double rainbow, all the way across the sky!” We loved it, but there was a lot less crying and yelling from us.

How was your weekend? Did you have a chance to relax? Visit with family? I hope it was wonderful. This morning, over coffee and toast, Adam and I agreed that we had a top-notch weekend. We loved the thermal bath in Leukerbad on Saturday and felt so rejuvenated and peaceful afterward. It was a pretty dated spa and kinda cheesy, but the view from the outdoor pools simply couldn’t be beat:


Yesterday Adam worked on smoking meat, but otherwise we took it very easy. Lots of reading and music, a little yoga for me (not to mention freshly painted finger- and toenails), a Skype session with my folks, and a shoulder rub for Mr. Adam. A fine Sunday, indeed.

For now it’s back to Monday: cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and tutoring. It sure is nice to have the weekend though.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Showers

  1. Hi! I’ve just found your blog through Kendi Everyday. So cool to discover a “Bernise” swiss blogger. I enjoyed that same beautiful sunday evening rainbow in Thun. Liebe Grüsse!

    • Hi! So funny! Social media is a crazy thing… : ) Wasn’t the sunshower beautiful?! We stopped through Thun on our way to Leukerbad last weekend and thought it was such a sweet town–and man, what a view you all have!

      • Yes, the view is breathteaking and never ceases to amaze me… Strandbad Thun is one of my favourite spots.
        I used to go skiing in Leukerbad with my parents – it’s beautiful in the wintertime! Oh, the world is a small place. 🙂

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