Just Be Cool, Friday



IMG_3428Yesterday was a bank holiday (Ascension) and Adam and I did pretty much everything you aren’t supposed to do on a holiday. Sundays and holidays are celebrated very seriously here, and by seriously I mean silently. No vacuuming, no laundry, no DIY, no shopping, and no eyebrow raising at how restrictive your day has become. So, after a pancake breakfast we put on our “work clothes” and cleaned out and reorganized our basement cellar; I sanded and painted a mirror frame for the guest room (only to discover that it looks horrible and will need to be redone); I oiled our wooden tables on the patio; and we generally made a ruckus moving things around. No one came around to scold us, but that doesn’t mean someone somewhere doesn’t know about the shenanigans we got up to.

We met up with friends at the park across the street for an early picnic and it was the perfect end to our day. The two photos above were taken there, though not yesterday. I’ve been spending some time getting to know my camera better and learning how to use the settings to my advantage. I’ll share a few of my practice photos at the Rosengarten next week.

What are you up to this weekend? I’ll be spending most of my time under a puppy blanket trying not to freak out over the fact that my sister and her husband arrive here on Wednesday. Courtney and I are 13 months apart in age, but we mostly live in twin speak. It’s fascinating and largely annoying to watch, but spending time with her is one of the best things for my soul. She just gets it. She understands why 80% of the things that I have to say are best communicated through song and dance and she knows that sometimes a movie quote is the best answer to an honest question. She, like my mom, laughs hard at my jokes and generally makes me feel really funny. Maybe she’s just flattering her older sister, but I’d like to think I’m a bonafide gut-buster.

All that wax is to say that I really, really need them to get here soon. We’ll be bumming around here for a few days and then spending a week together in Greece, dodging nudey beaches and sipping Greek wine. Some of the best days of summer are almost here.

And now, the links!

Speaking of Greek wine, I’m all about rosé for the summer, but it sounds like Santorini (where we’re going!!) may have the ultimate wine for warm weather. Zum voll! 

Also expecting some guests this summer? How to prep for their arrival. (Note: my sister requested a bottle of champagne for each of them, each day. Martha does not recommend this.)

A very cute swing dress.

Also, Everlane has the chambray you’ve been looking for.

Easy pasta.

Three grilling recipes. We made the carrots this week and they were great!

These DIY built-in shelves are a-mah-zing.

So true!

Build your own gin and tonic bar.

Kind of cheesy, but I still kind of want this. Would be helpful for when my sister is here…

I’ll be reading this in Greece. Although, this might be even more ideal.

A touching tribute to Maya Angelou. I read I Know Why the Cage Bird Sings a couple years ago and was stunned by her lyricism and candidness.

3 thoughts on “Just Be Cool, Friday

  1. I can’t even talk about it. Wednesday, get here already!!!!!!!!!!

    For the record, that champagne button would be beyond. And I don’t think my request of a bottle each for each day was out of line. In fact, I just uppe it to 2 bottles. Because when in Switzerland, do as te Romans do. #amiright?!?

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