The Game for Horrible People


Please tell me you’ve played Cards Against Humanity. It’s branded as a party game “for horrible people” and judging by the antics, laughter that turned into crying and multiple spit-takes last night we are horrible, horrible people.

The game is super simple: one person reads aloud a black card (seen above) and everyone else plays their funniest white card out of their hand of ten cards. The reader chooses the funniest white card (it’s a blind reading) and that person is awarded a point. Some rounds deserve a light chuckle, but more often than not we were howling laughing, making someone else read the card because we simply couldn’t do it. Maybe it was Courtney and Jared’s jet lag making us all loopy, but I think it was the cards. And our horrible sense of humor.

Anyway, I’m so glad they brought it with them and I’m looking forward to playing it more or less nonstop. Have you played? Are you interested? You can buy a set here or download it on your computer if you’re looking to bust a few guts.

p.s. we’re also huge fans of Uno and Bananagrams  : )

(image via)

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